Searches conduced at CFR Cluj football club in tax evasion file

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Several searches have taken place Thursday morning at the CFR Cluj football club in allegedly embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering file with damages amounting to over EUR 8.4 million, judicial sources say.

The DIICOT (Directorate for fighting against organized crime) Cluj prosecutors have conducted 20 searches in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. The money was taken by ‘persons with managing attributions within the company owning the club’.

In the file investigated by DIICOT Cluj together with officers from the Organised Crime is prosecuted in rem for the establishment of an organized criminal group, money laundering in repeated form, for tax evasion and embezzlement in continued form with very serious consequences.

The quoted sources stated that the deeds were committed using offshore companies in Cyprus and Seychelles. Through these “consulting services and intermediation in the sports field were provided, on which there are major elements of suspected fictitious deeds (on the transfer of players from the club, on the optimisation of the team’s work and others) or executed debts to the club, coming from suspicious assignment of receivables.”

The investigators suspect that in this way large amounts of money were embezzled, money from the bonuses cashed for the club’s direct qualification in the UEFA Champions League.

The quoted sources claim that the raids on Thursday aimed finding documents in the file that could confirm suspicions.

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