Sebastian Ghita allowed to exert MP position, to travel in Romania

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The Supreme Court on Friday decided to revise the pretrial conditional release of MP Sebastian Ghita, so he can now exert his position as lawmaker and move all over Romania. The ruling is final.

Sebastian Ghita is subject to legal restrictions pending trial in the file of Iulian Hertanu, premier Ponta’s brother in law. Ghita also received the interdiction to exert his MP position and to leave Ploiesti city for two months. Moreover, prosecutors seized Ghita’s goods. The accounts of 51 companies controlled by the tycoon have been blocked; among them there are RTV Satellite Net and Teamnet International.

Prosecutors say that during 2000-2015 Sebastian Ghita illegally obtained important sums of money by influence peddling or apparently legal from public funds. This money would have been ‘laundered’ and then, part of the sums were used for illegal purposes, more precisely for bribing voters at the 2012 parliamentary elections and at 2014 presidential ballot.

The financial transactions would have aimed to avoid paying taxes to the state, representing VAT and tax on profit.

According to DNA, the total sum of money deriving from public funds and subsequently ‘laundered’ mounts to almost RON 130m, with a prejudice of about RON 37m caused to the state.

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