Sebastian Ghita, Europol’s second most wanted fugitives

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Ex-MP Sebastian Ghita’s name and photo have been published on Europol’s website on the eumostwanted list, among the most wanted fugitives in Europe. He ranks second on the list after the Omar Mukhles, Omar Hayssam’s brother, sentenced to five years in prison for terrorism.

An European arrest warrant was issued on Ghita’s name on January 6, along with an international search warrant, which is valid in the countries that are not EU member states.

Europol presented the following data about Sebastian Ghita: crime-corruption, laundering of the proceeds of crime; sex-male; approximate height-1.96cm; eye color-brown; dat of birth: Oct 11, 1978; nationality-Romanian; ethnic origin: European; spoken languages: Romanian; state of case-ongoing investigation.

Sebastian Ghita has been gone missing since December 20, although he was on the Police stakeout. He faces corruption charges in several cases.

Although missing, Ghita was featuring several video footages broadcast at the private TV station he controls, launching accusations against DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi and ex-deputy director of SRI, Florian Coldea, with the latter who being suspended from office amid this scandal.

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