Seven alleged Bucharest City Hall employees, arrested for fraud


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Seven crooks, alleged employees of Bucharest City Hall, have been arrested on Wednesday after having tricked several people whom they convinced to buy home appliances, to give them money or to sell them goods paid through uncovered checks.

According to Bucharest Police, the judicial authorities from the Criminal Investigation Service District 5, together with the prosecutors from to the 5th District Court, have raided at nine addresses and have applied eight summons.

Out of the eight people heard, seven have been detained for fraud and fraud attempt.

According to investigators, after the searches, several official documents, check evidence, identity documents, official documents from various companies, income receipts, a stamps’ maker and computers have been seized.

According to police sources, on April 8 and 9, the suspects would have tricked two people, whom once they have convinced that they are general advisers, they would have persuaded them to purchase electronics for them, in installments, under the pretext that the goods will be paid by the City Hall.

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