Seven CSM members ask for the dismissal of their boss, Lia Savonea

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Seven members of the Superior Council of Magistracy, have asked for the dismissal of Lia Savonea, the CSM’s current Head. In an official letter sent to the CSM’s plenary session, the magistrates are denouncing Savonea’s “poor management” at the CSM helm.

The seven CSM members, judge Mihai Andrei Bălan, prosecutor Cristian Mihai Ban, judge Andrea Annamaria Chiş, prosecutor Florin Deac, judge Mihai Bogdan Mateescu, prosecutor Nicolae Andrei Solomon, prosecutor Tatiana Toader, claim Lia Savonea “turned away from her constitutional role”, “making their collaboration impossible”, which had “serious consequences on the council’s credibility and activity” and also at international level in the reports with the international bodies.

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