Supreme Court: 30 more days of arrest for Iulian Hertanu, PM Ponta’s brother in law

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The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) admitted on Tuesday the DNA proposal extending for 30 days the preventive arrest for Iulian Hertanu, brother in law of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, investigated in a file related to defrauding a contract financed from EU funds.
The same decision was taken for businessman Vladimir Razvan Ciorb?, while in the case of businessman Ilie Dragan the house arrest decision has been extended.
The ruling is not final.
PM Ponta’s brother in law Iulian Hertanu is accused of setting up an organized criminal group and for European funds embezzlement. In the same file other persons are investigated including MPs Sebastian Ghita, Vlad Cosma and the Prahova County Council President Mircea Cosma, accused of supporting the criminal group.

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