The company owning AFI Cotroceni Mall, managers, indicted for tax evasion

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The company owning AFI Cotroceni Mall in Bucharest, the chief financial officer and the accounting officer of the company have been indicted for tax evasion, the damage caused to the District 6 City Hall budget is approximately EUR 4.6 million.
The prosecutors of the Court of Appeal have indicted Laura Croitoru and Cristian Daniel Pohaci, the financial manager and, respectively, the chief accountant, of SC Cotroceni Park SRL, Gabriela Alexe and SC Cotroceni Park SA for tax evasion.
According to the indictment, Laura Croitoru, as Director of SC Cotroceni Park SA, during September 2009 – December 2013, concealed the taxable source, i.e. the actual value of the building complex where AFI Cotroceni Mall works, in order to evade the tax on buildings.
Laura Croitoru is accused of mentioning a fictional value in the financial statement submitted to the District 6 Bucharest Directorate of taxes in September 2009 for the commercial building of the complex, an amount of RON 528,232,597, although the actual taxable value was of RON 643,208,482.
Moreover, the prosecutors show that in the tax return in 2011, for the building, said Laura Croitoru mentioned the value of RON 353,925,118, although the actual taxable value of the building was RON 547,971,932.93.

In a statement released to the press, SC Cotroceni Park SA claims that it respects and abides by the laws of Romania, and has always paid taxes. “Since 2009 and until now the company paid to the local budgets more than RON 56.5 million,” the statement reads. The company notes that the investigation is not completed, and company employees have not been officially announced that investigations have been completed. “We believe that the information until now is speculative. Until the situation is clarified we reserve the right not to comment further,” the press release concludes.

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