The entire family of Vlad Pascu, the author of the 2 Mai accident, was sent to court


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The entire Pascu family was prosecuted by DIICOT. It is about Vlad Pascu and his parents, Mihai and Miruna Pascu.

Prosecutors said they had gathered enough evidence to send the three to trial. Vlad Pascu, the 19-year-old driver who caused the tragedy in the 2 Mai seaside resort this summer, is being prosecuted for drug trafficking, manslaughter, culpable bodily harm, driving under the influence of prohibited substances and leaving the scene of the accident without the consent of the police. Prosecutors have evidence that he would have supplied narcotics to his friends at the parties he organized.

As for Miruna Pascu, we remember, she was sent to court for trying to influence the witnesses in the May 2 accident file. She was trying to convince those who were at the scene not to declare what they saw, so that her son could get away with a milder punishment.

As for Mihai Pascu, he was sent to court because he stored ammunition at home, in a space where ammunition should not have been. All three, as I said, will end up in front of a judge from the Bucharest Court.

According to the expertise done in this case, Vlad Pascu was driving at a speed of over 102 kilometers per hour when, being drugged, he drove into a group of eight young people, on May 2, said Adrian Cuculis, the lawyer of Roberta’s family, the 20yo girl killed in the accident.

In the same document, it is mentioned that Vlad Pascu stopped the Mercedes car about 50 meters from the place where it hit the victims, stopped for a few seconds, then left the accident site and continued on his way to Vama Veche.

“The initial hypothesis on the fact that Pascu left the scene with the perception that if there is no car behind him that saw the accident, he could escape is taking shape even more. It also appears from the fact that he stopped only for a few seconds, then continued his journey. All the more, it is necessary to change the classification of the act from manslaughter to murder”, says the lawyer.

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