The file in which former president Traian Basescu was accused of usurpation of official position will not be reopened

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The Bucharest Court of Appeal (CAB) has rejected on Tuesday the complaint filed by revolutionary Ion Ciochina and will not indict former President Traian Basescu for usurpation of official position and violation of the constitutional order, Agerpres informs.

“I was president of Romania only on the basis of the Constitutional Court rulings. Furthermore, the claimant said I did not take into consideration the decision to suspend parliament, but it is not parliament to decide for an individual if he takes the office of Romanian president. If you recall, after the elections it is the Constitutional Court to validate the elections and, following referendums, the Constitutional Court validates on not the referendum,” Traian Basescu said upon leaving the court.

Former President Traian Basescu was summoned on Tuesday at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, in the case of an appeal filed by Ion Ciochina on a decision by prosecutors not to take legal action against the former president, who is accused of illegally resuming the mandate after the 2012 referendum.

The former president arrived at the Court of Appeal (CAB) and testified in court on the complaint filed on July 10 in court.

The file was opened by prosecutors after a complaint submitted by Ion Ciochina and Ioan Ghise, who accused the former president that after the referendum in 2012 he resumed his mandate illegally.

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