The first sentence in Romania against a man suspect of Covid who fled the hospital

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Buzau Court has pronounced the first sentence in Romania in the case of a person suspect of COVID who fled the hospital. It’s a 50-year-old man from Buzau who was tried for foiling disease prevention and who was sentenced to six months on probation.

The incident occurred on April 10 when policemen from the Buzau had been notified by a 112 call on the fact that a mad from Merei vilage had left the hospital unit without the consent of the medical staff, although he had symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Several hours after the notification, the man was found by the policemen on a plot of land outside his village. He was placed under quarantine and was charged with foiling diseases prevention.

In September, Buzau Court sentenced the man to six months in prison on probation. He is also compelled to join a social reinsertion programme and to do community service.

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