The first sentence pronounced in Romania for Holocaust denial

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Former intelligence officer Vasile Zărnescu has been sentenced today by the District 3 Court to one year and one month in jail, conditional sentence and on a surveillance run of two years, for the crime of Holocaust denial. The sentence is a first in Romania.
The court’s ruling makes reference to several articles signed by Zărnescu, on the website, entitled “The falsehood of the Holocaustologist notion”, “The Scam of the 20th century”, but also to the book “Sabin Orcan supporter”, published by Tempus Bucharest Publishing House, put up for sale at the Eminescu book store in the Capital.
According to RFI, Vasile Zărnescu, former high-ranking of the Romanian Intelligence Service, published a book in 2016 called “The Holocaust- the Evil Bugbear-The Holocaust money extortion”.
The launching of the book was scheduled on April 8, 2016 at Eminescu Book store, but it was cancelled later on.

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