The record cocaine bust that transited through Romania could be worth EUR 300 M


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Last week, DIICOT prosecutors seized one ton of cocaine near Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea, on the Black Sea shore. The drugs were in an overturned boat and om shore packed in several packages wrapped in rubber.

DIICOT head Felix Banile announced that the entire record cocaine bust would be tripled, as it had a 90% purity that allows it to be combined with various other substances. The total value on the drug market could reach EUR 300 million.

The market value of this drug seizure could reach up to EUR 300 million. This quantity, of almost one ton, was to be tripled on the drug market for the final consumers, by combining the existing cocaine with various other substances”, the DIICOT head explained.

Banila also revealed that the investigation that led to the cocaine bust had been initiated after an one-kilo package containing cocaine had been lost from a van.

He said that investigators had actually found out the boat with the drugs by accident, as preliminary check swere conducted after a package containing one kilo of cocaine had been lost from a van registered in Romania.

The cocaine originates from South America and was brought by sea.

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