The Romanian leader of the “Hell’s Angels” group, extradited to the USA


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The Romanian leader of the “Hell’s Angels” biker group is extradited to the United States of America. Marius Lazăr is accused of organized crime and drug trafficking.

He had been put under international investigation after allegedly negotiating a double assassination and the purchase of 400 kilograms of cocaine in 2020.

Marius Lazăr will board a plane to the USA, where he will be tried for organized crime and drug trafficking. Wanted internationally, he was caught on December 28, 2022, by the policemen of the General Directorate of the Bucharest City Police – Criminal Investigation Service.

In the name of Marius Lazăr, the Bucharest Court of Appeal had issued on December 15, 2022, a preventive arrest warrant, with a view to his extradition to the authorities of the United States of America.

He is being investigated for organized crime, international high-risk drug trafficking and money laundering. The information about the group led by Marius Lazăr was sent to the Romanian authorities by the US Department of Justice.

Based on the information provided by the Americans, between July and November 2020, the police officers of the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, the Anti-Drug Service, started the first investigations.

Marius Lazăr intended to sell 400 kilograms of cocaine in the USA, with the help of two traffickers from New Zealand. In addition to international high-risk drug trafficking, the man was also involved in international arms trafficking. At the same time, he had also ordered two murders.

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