Turkish businessman Atas officially charged with manslaughter in the case of the traffic officer’s death

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Turkish businessman Abdullah Atas on Monday has been taken from the arrest center to the Prosecutor’s Office Upon Bucharest Court in order to be informed that he is charged with manslaughter after hitting traffic officer Gheorghe Ionescu. The police officer died at the end of last week after three weeks of coma.

The Turkish businessman ran into the police officer on purpose, while refusing to stop for the check –up as he didn’t want to be caught drunk-driving.

Abdullah Atas risks from 15 to 25 years in prison or even a life sentence.

Romanian driver runs into Bulgarian traffic officer

On the other hand, a Romanian driver ran into a Bulgarian traffic officer nearby Ruse-Giurgiu Bridge, the Bulgarian Interior ministry told Focus agency.

According to the Bulgarian authorities, the traffic officer was running the traffic against the long queues due to the works on Ruse-Giurgiu Bridge.

30-year-old Romanian B.M. driving a Honda did not respect the indications of the Bulgarian authorities and cut out a convoy and attempted to get in front of other cars who were waiting in line. In his attempt, the Romanian driver hit a Bulgarian traffic officer. The officer suffered slight injuries. The Romanian citizen was taken in custody for 24 hours and will be charged.

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