Turkish owner of Rostar, detained by DIICOT


The ‘king of biscuits’ in Romania, Turkish Halil Bulut, owner of Rostar has been detained by the organized crime prosecutors (DIICOT). He is charged with tax evasion and money laundering. The estimated prejudice mounts to EUR 14 M. Prosecutors seized assets worth over EUR 13.6 M.

According to the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), prosecutors have taken on remand for 24 hours six people on October 11: Bulut Halil, Blaj Raluca Anamaria, Todoran Ioan, Gheorghe Mihai, Costea Cornel and Imad Ali for setting up an organized criminal group, for money laundering and tax evasion.

The investigators say that during 2011-2015 the Rostar owner, Bulut Halil, set up the organized crime group together with Blaj Raluca Anamaria, referent accountant at Rostar, and Todoran Ioan, technical manager. They acted so that the company should avoid fulfillment of tax obligations, by recording expenses that were not based on legal operations.

The Rostar bookkeeping recorded fictitious acquisitions of goods and services (raw materials, cleaning products, consumables, promotional and advertising materials, repair and upgrading works, etc) from 22 ghost companies. All to escape fiscal obligations to the state budget.

Rostar was thus registering documents worth about EUR 16 M consisting of dummy acquisitions, which caused a prejudice of about EUR 3 M representing the illegally deducted VAT.

The money thus obtained and laundered were re-introduced in the legal financial circuit by crediting the Rostar company. Therefore, 262 lending contracts have been introduced in the company’s bookkeeping during 2011-2015, contracts signed by the owner Bulut Halil, in the view of hiding the illegal origin of the money, reads a DIICOT press release.

The investigators asked the Bucharest Tribunal that defendants should be detained for 30 days.

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