Two employees of the Victor Babes hospital detained in death file of three Covid patients

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According to the preliminary conclusions in the file three Covid patients have died at the mobile Intensive Care Unit of the ‘Victor Babes’ Hospital in Bucharest on April 12 this year, there was a malfunction of the oxygen supply system, namely the system supplying the mobile intensive unit with oxygen got blocked due to a mistake committed by some employees.

Two employees of the hospital have been detained, the chief of the hospital’s technical department and a plumber. They have been heard today. Investigators say they haven’t initially admitted their guilt.

The expertise ordered in the file points to a human error that led to the overcharging of the oxygen installation and to the blocking of the medical devices.

The first conclusions revealed that an employee of the hospital, most probably from the technical staff, who had been sent to check on the oxygen system would have handled it wrongly and that would have led to oxygen power turning off in the mobile unit where the tragedy occurred.

The crime scene investigators asked for a computer search to establish if there was a software error that prompted the devices to turn off or if somebody wrongly handled the oxygen system.

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