UNIFARM manager, accused of asking EUR 760,000 bribe for surgical mask and jumpsuit acquisition during COVID-19 pandemic

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UNIFARM manager Adrian Ionel Eugen is accused by the anti-corruption prosecutors of pretending a bribe of EUR 760,000 for purchasing protection equipment against COVID-19 virus (250,000 jumpsuits and 3 million surgical masks) in early March.

The medical equipment was non-compliant. The UNIFARM manager has been placed under judicial control for 60 days.

UNIFARM state-owned company is one of the main pharmaceutical supplies distributors in Romania and

“In his capacity of general manager of UNIFARM S.A., defendant Ionel Eugen Adrian would have pretended EUR 760,000 to a facilitator who represented a private company so that UNIFARM, a state company, to assign an acquisition contract of protection equipment against COVID-19 infection”, reads the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) press release.

Moreover, those over 1 million delivered and received in the first tranche by UNIFARM were not surgical masks, but protective masks that were not compliant with the standards stipulated in the contract, they were practically other types of protection equipment than those agreed in the contract, prosecutors say.

DNA also says that the Unifarm general manager would have compelled an employee of the state company to certify the equipment delivery, although it was not the needed one. The bribe claimed by Adrian Ionel Eugen has not reached him eventually, so he terminated the contract.

Of the total equipment in the contract, only a part of it has been delivered and paid, namely 1 million masks and 26,000 jumpsuits.

Unifarm has been prejudiced with RON 2.38 million.

On top of all, Adrian Ionel Eugen is also accused of acquiring the Unifarm GM position illegally on June 6, 2016.

It is not the first time he managed Unifarm. He also held this position in the autumn of 2012 during the interim mandate of Health minister assumed by ex-PM Victor Ponta at that time.

Adrian Ionel Eugen also held positions within private medical companies at Sanador and at Relad Pharma, one of the largest medicine suppliers in Romania at that moment. Several years after he left Relad, the company was at the center of one of the most spectacular insolvency scandals on the local pharma market.

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