Unprecedented verdict in Romania: An illiterate Roma woman was sentenced to four years of… school by Iasi Court

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Iasi Court has given an original sentence in a case of tax evasion.

The judges have sentenced an illiterate 37-year old Roma woman to… school. She was involved in illegal trade with scrap iron and the damage caused to the state exceeds RON 1.5 million (approx. EUR 334,000), prosecutors say. As the defendant brought to court the argument that she is illiterate, and therefore has not figured out what she was doing, the magistrates decided to send her to primary school for the 4 years sentence on parole she has been condemned to.

When she heard the sentence, she was not too eager to prepare the bag and the ABC book, protv.ro informs. Mother of two children, she could be classmate of her eldest son, aged 8 years, by autumn. She does not know where it would be better: in prison or at school.

In addition, she argues there is the gypsy tradition, according to which all decisions are taken by the husband. So she does not know if her husband will allow her to go to school.

In Ciurea commune, Iasi County, only a few people have completed the 8th grade or high school. Many have barely graduated, through foundations, the elementary school, to learn the numbers and letters so they can get a driving license.

The magistrates say that in such cases the punishment is meant to rehabilitate the convicted person and give him/her a chance to straighten.

Judge Andreea Trifan, Vice-president of Iasi Court, said: “The Judge of the Iasi Court has ordered the convict to attend primary education.”

The court also ruled that the woman has to give back to the state the damage of over RON 1.5 million, but the family has no wealth. She could carry out community service. And if she will not go to school, the sentence could be converted to imprisonment.


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