Who are EUROPOL’s most-wanted Romanians?

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European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST) rejoining a police officer network from the 28 EU member states has launched www.eumostwanted.eu website on Friday, with the EUROPOL’s support. The website will aim at tracking down the most-wanted fugitives in Europe.

Romania is present on the website with two most-wanted fugitives: Gregorian Bivolaru, 63, sentenced to six years in prison for sexual exploitation of children and child pornography and 38-year old Robert Girleanu, holding Romanian and Moldovan citizenships, who has to serve a life sentence for murder and grievous bodily injury.

The website provides an application which allows all citizens to grant useful information about the fugitives.

The ENFAST project aims to increase security within the European Union by improving efficiency in tracing and arresting internationally wanted criminals, who committed serious crimes. ENFAST is a network of police officers available 24/7 who can immediately undertake action to locate and arrest fugitives.

Gregorian Bivolaru is a yoga instructor, founder of MISA, the Movement for the Spiritual Integration in Absolute. He fled Romania in 2005 after being prosecuted for human trafficking and organized crime. He got to Sweden, where he filed a request for political asylum, a request granted in 2005. The Romanian Supreme Court sentenced Bivolaru to 6 years in prison in 2013.

He changed his name to “Magnus Aurolsson” in 2006 and he has been allegedly teaching yoga classes in several countries since 2010.

Gregorian Bivolaru
Gregorian Bivolaru
Robert Girleanu
Robert Girleanu

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