Wife of Ukrainian politician crossed the border into Hungary with several suitcases full of USD 29 M, EUR 1 M


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The wife of a Ukrainian politician took out of Ukraine almost 29 million dollars and a million and a half euros, ice money. The banknotes were placed in several suitcases.

According to the 24tv.ua website, Sergei Lushchenko, a former journalist and politician, published on his Telegram account a photo with the suitcases with money and claims that it is about Anastasia Kotvitskaia, the wife of the former deputy Igor Kotvitsky. A businessman, he is considered to be the right hand of Arsen Avakov, a rich and influential politician suspected of corruption, who was for years Minister of the Interior, under various administrations, until last summer, when he would he resigned at the request of President Zelensky.

The woman crossed the border into Hungary with a car registered in Hungary and driven by a Hungarian citizen. Ukrainian customs officers allowed the vehicle to pass, but Hungarian border guards checked it. They found the money and had her declare the entire amount she had. Kyiv prosecutors have opened an investigation.

The Ukrainian press has been circulating for a long time that large sums of money are being smuggled out of the country, with the help of corrupt border guards, who receive bribes. The other day, the Romanian border police also announced that a Ukrainian couple tried to enter the Albita customs house with 1.6 million dollars and 50,000 euros hidden in the car.

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