Lawyer in Luxembourg slams the stink of Romanian beggars

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A lawyer from Luxembourg, Gaston Vogel took stance against the Romanian beggars on the city’s streets. He called them “disgusting” and “impertinent”. Romanian embassy in Luxembourg denounced the action as a generalization and stigmatization attempt.

“The air filled with the stink that groups of disgusting, naughty beggars are releasing on a daily basis. Based on the generous provisions of the Schengen Agreement, they arrive in Luxembourg from the far-away Romania, without no checking,” the famous lawyer told an open letter sent to the City Hall,

Gaston Vogel asks the city hall to fight beggary more efficiently and to ensure the city’s “ public safety, peace and sanitation.”

In retort, the city mayor Lydie Polfer said there are efforts to fight organized beggary, but slammed the terms used by the lawyer. “As an answer to the open letter, I mention that the citizens’ safety, public safety and sanitation are still absolute priorities,” the mayor pointed out.

In her turn, Romanian ambassador in Luxembourg, Roxana Iftimie criticized the exaggerated attention the media granted lawyer Gaston Vogel, denouncing his “speech full of hatred.”

“The freedom of speech is essential. Despite this, it must not lead to promoting a virulent speech targeting some persons or communities, especially in the public space. Even if we understand that Mr. Vogel’s letter is nothing but his point of view, we consider that an extra attention is needed to avoid promoting the harmful stigmatizations and generalizations through the media (…) This kind of generalization is represented by the fact that Romanian is called the origin country of all persons who are begging, who otherwise are depicted in a discriminating and undignified manner, “ reads a press release issued by the Romanian embassy in Luxembourg.

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