Leoni Piteşti employee crashes car into other 5 employees, one dead


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A car driven by an employee of Leoni Pitesti cables and wiring producer has crashed into another five employees, one of them died on the site. Several ambulances arrived in the courtyard of the company and doctors assessed the condition of the injured.

Several employees of Leoni Pitesti were on a break on Thursday in a special designed area.

All of a sudden, they were hit by a car, and a woman has died instantly.

Several SMURD ambulances arrived and doctors assessed the condition of the injured.

The man driving the car told the police he is an employee of the company and he arrived to bring something to the company. Upon leaving, he accelerated the car too much and lost control of the wheel.

The car went through a mesh fence before hitting the area with tables and the five employees. Representatives of the labour inspectorate were expected to arrive at the company’s site.

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