Life sentence for the metro crime’s author, final ruling


The murderer from the subway, Magdalena Serban, who killed a young woman at the tube station in December 2017 by pushing her in front of the train, has got a life sentence. The Bucharest Tribunal’s ruling is final.

Magdalena Serban has been convicted for first-degree murder and murder attempt.

Before committing the crime, Magdalena Serban has pushed another 20-year-old young girl in front of the metro train, but the girl managed to save herself.

At the same time, the court compels the criminal to undergo medical treatment to improve her mental condition. Judges have also ruled that the murderer must pay compensations worth EUR 60,000 to the relatives of the dead girl, but also to the girl who saved herself.

On December 12, 2017, Magdalena Serban pushed a young woman on the subway lines few seconds before the train arrived in the Dristor 1 station. After the victim fell down on the lines, while she was trying to climb up on the platform, Serban kicked her in the head. The young woman could not save herself and ended up under the train.

Few hours earlier, Magdalena Serban tried to push another young woman in front of the train in a a different tube station, but this one fought her back and saved herself.

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