Limping bear cub shot with the Environment Ministry’s consent

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A crippled bear cub has been shot in Predeal, a resort on Prahova Valley. The cub had been seen in the area for about two years, it had not attacked anyone.

The cub was shot in the sight of tens of tourists. The authorities claim they had the Environment Ministry’s green light for the shooting, on the ground that “the cub had got used to the people and could not be relocated anymore.”

“It is a wild animal that enters a locality. Treating it like a domestic animal is reprehensible”, said the Environment Ministry’s spokesperson.

A bear is an unpredictable animal and it can kill. It must be removed from there as soon as possible by any method“, the spokesperson added, explaining that the bear cub had been shot as it had a deviant behaviour and that it could not be relocated in the wild anymore as it had been accustomed to people feeding it for too long.

On the other hand, Cristina Lapis, the president of the “Milioane de Prieteni” NGO said that the association had previously offered to take over the bear cub.

The Association has sent a letter to the Kronstadt  authority saying it can take this cub in the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti when the cub was 6 months old, precisely to prevent it from being shot.

The authorities should set up these spots near the woods to be enclosed with an electric fence and to plant fruit trees by the side of the road so that the bear should stop there. Bears usually come down from the forest to search for food,” Lapis said.

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