List of countries at epidemiological risk: Greece, France enter the green zone, UK remains in the red one

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Greece, one of the favorite holiday destinations of Romanians, has entered the green list of countries with low epidemiological risk, according to the decision adopted on Thursday evening by the National Committee for Emergency Situations, according to information provided by the Institute of Public Health. France is also on the green list.

There are 22 countries in the red zone, including the United Kingdom, and 11 in the yellow zone, compared to 26 last week.

People vaccinated against Covid-19 should not be quarantined if they come from yellow or red list areas, but – unlike the yellow list – those who come from red list countries are not exempted from quarantine if they present a negative PCR test.

Among the countries on the red list there are Argentina, Uruguay, Maldives, Chile, Cost Rica, Brazil, South Africa, India and UK.

Others are on the yellow list: The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Tunisia, Sri Lanka.


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