Little girl feeds bear from her hand on Transfagarasan

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A little girl, aged no more than 10 years old, is filmed while feeding a bear from her hands on Transfăgărăşan alpine road, in Argeş county, thus risking her life. The shocking videos and photos have become viral on Facebook. The pictures feature the little girl, accompanied by an adult, intending to pat the animal.

The images filmed by the tourists show an adult feeding the first bear while the girl wants to pat it. Then, the kid takes some food and feeds the bear from her own hand.

The footage has been taken on Transfăgărăşan, at kilometre 60. It is not the first incident of this kind. Tourists passing on this road have been feeding the bears almost every day. Several people, including children, were filmed while taking selfies and feeding a bear very close to them at the end of June.

The head of the Mountain Rescue Service from Arges, Ion Sanduloiu said people are banned from feeding the bears.

He recounted there are countries such as Canada or USA where people are allowed to see bears from their cars, but they are forbidden to touch or feed them, otherwise they will be fined.

The head of the mountain rescuers also urged people to give up barbecues in the forest, as bears will always come down from the mountain if they smell food, particularly meat. Sanduloiu said the bear has twice finer smell than a dog, while warning that they are still wild animals and can become very aggressive.

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