Little she-bear Brigitte, the new glamour girl of Zarnesti bear sanctuary

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The 100th member of the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti is a 4-month she-bear, the baby of the reservation called Brigitte, after Brigitte Bardot. She was found two months ago in the forest by a group of tourists, and, as its mom hasn’t showed up to claim it, the tourists brought it to the bear sanctuary.

Vets have been keeping Brigitte under surveillance and hand fed it for the past two months, but now the she-bear is strong enough to stay in its own reservation, where it can enjoy freedom, climbing trees or bathing in a pond nearby.

It is a little bit scared, for it hasn’t got the chance to grow up near its mother, but it will get used to the reservation in several months. It has a neighbor, she-bear Monica, so it will see the other bears as well. We hope we’ll be able to relocate Brigitte with the young bears in one year,” said Cristina Lapis, the president of „Millions of friends” Association.

Brigitte has been found in a forest near Fagaras. Initially, tourists thought it is a puppy. They had been waited for its mother to come for one day long, but the she-bear has never showed up. So, the cub’s chances to survive all alone in the wood would have been minimum if she hadn’t got to the reservation.

Brigitte is the third she-bear brought at the bear sanctuary in the last month. Other two bears have been brought here from zoos where they had been staying for the past 20 years.

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