Liviu Dragnea, allegedly out of prison for 24 hours yesterday. Trade union leader: It’s a matter of legality

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Former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea was released from prison for one day on Thursday and returned behind bars on Friday, after he had recently requested for one-day permission, sources told Digi24.

Initially, the supervision committee of the Rahova Penitentiary where Dragnea is serving his prison sentence has denied his motion, but, apparently the leadership of the penitentiary has eventually agreed.

Legally, the one-day furlough is granted to inmates after serving four months of jail time. Liviu Dragnea has been imprisoned for 5 months. However, sources from the penitentiary system say that the permission is usually granted after at least one year behind bars.

So, trade union representatives argue this reward given to Dragnea comes too earlier, as inmates usually get more visits and packs from home for a start and then they are entitled to these one-day permissions.

Sorin Dumitrașcu, trade union leader of the National Penitentiary Administration told Digi 24 that “prisoners are entitled to get rewards, the problem is that the VIP inmates are getting these rewards more quickly and more often“.

Moreover, it is also a matter of legality. The law says that inmates who have other legal problems pending in court cannot receive permissions. The first question is if this aspect has been checked, for we know the above mentioned inmate has other criminal files as well”, said Dumitrascu.

He further argued that there are also other inmates “as serious and disciplined” as Dragnea who don’t get permissions to get out of prison for one day. “Most of the prisoners never receive these permissions. And those who eventually get them, they usually receive them one or two years after serving their jail time”.

The decision to release Dragnea from prison for 24 hours has been taken by the Rahova Penitentiary managers, who consider the former PSD leader a model prisoner. The chief of the car garage of the prison where Dragnea is working says he has always complied with the working programme and never had any conflict with other prisoners.

The release request was signed by the director of the penitentiary.

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