Liviu Dragnea’s son heckled during football game in Bucharest. „Big guy, you are football owner on stolen money”

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Valentin Dragnea, the son of the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, and the main financier of the Turris-Oltul Turnu Magurele football team, has been involved in a new incident last night while attending the match of his team against Rapid on Giulesti stadium Thursday night. A man questioned Valentin Dragnea while the latter was leaving the stadium.

According to the film posted on YouTube, the man addressed Dragnea’s son, while the latter had no reaction. „Big guy, you are a football owner on the money you father has stolen, man! You should both go to jail, man! You, criminals! You are owner on money stolen from children, from us! Bastards! You don’t get out alone anymore, you hired bodyguards!,” the man told Valentin Dragnea.

It was not the only incident involving Dragnea’s son that night. When he arrived on the stadium, his bodyguards have pushed a GSP reporter who was filming the arrival of Valentin Dragnea and his wife, reproaching the journalist he has no badge.

Valentin Dragnea has recently filed a complaint against another man, the son of actor Ion Caramitru, whom he accused of assault.

Stefan Caramitru  would have recognized Valentin Dragnea and his wife on the street of their villa in Bucharest and would have addressed them. „Thieves, bastards, corrupt people, aren’t you ashamed to mock this country and steal from the poor children, you bandits!” the actor’s son would have addressed the pair.

Later on, Caramitru explained that the car of Valentin Dragnea was blocking the narrow street and he could not advance with his own car and when he asked Dragnea’s son to move his car, Valentin’s wife started offending him.

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