Local administration unionists, on one day strike


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Around 30,000 of city hall and county councils employees are on a one-day general strike on Tuesday, following the failure of negotiations with the Labour Ministry. The trade unionists claim that the agreement that was to be concluded with Minister Dragos Paslaru on Friday July 8 had been edited in another form than the one agreed upon in order to suspend protests, none of the protesters; demands being included, digi24.ro reports.

“The employees with the local administration on strike have, according to the law, to be present at work, however they would not carry out duties related to public relations. The one-day strike is organised by the National Federation of Unions in Administration (FNSA) and is to be followed, on July 19, by a general strike on indefinite term, if the demands are not met,” FNSA informs.

Bogdan Schiop, FNSA secretary general, said: “Every union and every institution is to manage the activity during the one-day strike. Our recommendation is, when it comes to emergencies, such as deceases, that the duties should be completed, as the citizens are not to blame and people should be helped in such moments.”

Unionists with local administrations held past Tuesday a one hour strike at the beginning of the work programme, on July 19 the strike is to be organized indefinitely, due to the initiation of the labour conflict by the National Federation of Unions in Administration (FNSA) at national level.

The FNSA demands: the increase of civil servants basic salaries and of the staff of the local public administration by 25%, the granting of food vouchers for all employees of the local public administration, where budget resources allow it, and the granting of holiday vouchers for the employees of local public administration.

However, there were many public servants at the city halls countrywide who didn’t join the trade unions’ actions, with many of them saying that they had not been informed about that or that they are afraid to lose one day of the salary if they are on strike.

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