Local authorities vow to build first new hospital in northern Bucharest

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The Bucharest District 1 city hall in partnership with the Health Ministry announced the intention to build the first new fully equipped hospital in northern Capital.

District 1, in fact the entire Bucharest, desperately needs a new hospital, equipped with cutting-edge devices at European standards with well trained doctors working. The district 1 administration will finance the construction of the most performing hospital in Eastern Europe. I am glad we found a partner in the Health Ministry and that together we can build this project so necessary for the city and for the local community,” District 1 mayor, Dan Tudorache said.

The new medical unit will serve as a municipal hospital providing medical services for all Bucharesters and it will be located in northern Capital, on 10 Bucuresti-Targoviste street. The hospital, providing diagnosis, treatment and recovery services, will be fully financed by the District 1 city hall.

Mayor Dan Tudorache also said that the city hall had identified a 4.4-ha plot of land in northern Bucharest, a green area.

The medical unit will also serve as a university centre for the meds and the resident physicians.

The mayor also pledged to build an assembly of company accommodation to be rented by the medical staff for moderate prices.

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