Locals from Ditrau signed petition against foreign workers

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Just one day after the third Sri Lankan worker arrived in Romania to be hired at the bakery in Ditrau, Harghita, the uprising of the locals continued.

A petition signed by about 2,000 locals from Ditrau is asking the owners of the bakery in the locality to stop hiring foreign workers.

The petition was submitted to the commune’s mayor, Puskás Elemér, also asking public apologies for the priest who led the mutiny.

The locals also want the owners of the bakery to “pay retroactive compensations for five years to the employees who had been prejudiced and offended”.

The villagers are calling on the bakery owner “to stop hiring foreign labour force, considering that the unemployment in the locality exceeds 2 per cent” and “to thus contribute to the prevention of youth immigration”.

In retort, the manager of the bakery, Kollo Katalin said the petition had not reached them yet and that she finds normal that somebody should bring the petition to their office and not to find out about it in the mass media.

Kollo Katalin said the company will provide an official response when it gets the petition, though adding the company has nothing to apologize for, for it has done nothing wrong.

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