Long-awaited metro line to become operational in Bucharest as of Sept. 15

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Transport minister Lucian Bode has announced at the beginning of the government sitting on Monday that the M5 Drumul Taberei-Eroilor metro line will become operational for passengers as of Tuesday, September 15.

Works on the Metro Line 5 started in 2012 and stopped in 2013, due to the lack of funds.

M5 Metro Line is exclusively funded of non-reimbursable EU money (85%) and 15% from the state budget. The value of the project is almost RON 3.224 billion.

Metrorex had announced on Sunday that there are few ongoing procedures on the M5 Metro Line before opening it, like the configuration of such facilities as the safety circulation and passenger information, toll, closed-circuit TV and communications.

The Transport Ministry had previously announced that the reports giving the green light for the passenger traffic on the M5 Metro Line had been signed.

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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    8 years to connect one underground station to another one…This shows the commitment to public transport that several Govts. have overseen. Presumably there was little room for corruption here, thus no motivation to speed things up.

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