Low pollution in Bucharest- the good part of isolation

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Environment Ministry says that, in the past week, the concentrations of all pollutants monitored in Bucharest have stood way below the limit values. The PM10 concentration was close to the values registered on a mountaintop on Monday, the Environment Ministry reports.

Bucharesters are breathing mountain air today!“, the ministry says in a Facebook post.

In the past week, the concentrations of all monitored pollutants stood way below the limit values. There were rises of the PM10 and NO2 particles every day during 09:00hrs and 10:00hrs and during 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs, but the amplitude of these increases was way below the usual values“, the ministry mentions.

After assessing the data, the hypothesis that the main source of pollution in Bucharest is the road traffic is re-confirmed. When the traffic comes down, the values are very good”.

The ministry explains that the concentration of PM10 stood at 17.95 micrograms at the air monitoring station at Cercul Militar at 11:00hrs, which is similar to the values from the mountaintop stations in Fundata (Brasov) or Semenic in Caras-Severin.

The information come after a record pollution was reported in Bucharest early this month.

For the PM 2.5 pollution, a fine dust mixed with various substances, the level has exceeded by 900-1,000 the maximum admitted limits, while for PM 10 the pollution has reported exceedance by 800%, according to measurements on airly.eu or aerlive.ro platforms.

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