LSEG – British Embassy – British Council event in Romania to promote diversity, gender equality and inclusion

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London Stock Exchange Group Romania (LSEG) announced today that it has successfully organized an event dedicated to the topic of ‘diversity and inclusion’ in partnership with the British Embassy to Romania and the British Council, with the support of the “Impreuna” Agency and the “ALEG” Association.
The aim of the ‘Diversity and Inclusion: The Art of Changing the World’ event was to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion, with a focus on gender equality and Roma minorities. The event invited 60 students from 13 high schools in Romania, who participated in a non-formal educational workshop, aimed at encouraging students to develop a concrete set of actions to further promote, becoming proactive ambassadors of positive actions in their schools and in everyday life.
By understanding and supporting diversity and inclusion, LSEG, the British Embassy and the British Council are working together to create a more empathetic society and to provide a better understanding of the challenges facing marginalized groups in the local community.
Andreea Stanescu, General Manager of LSEG Romania: “At LSEG, innovation, excellence, partnership and integrity are our core values and these values guide us as we grow as people and look to the future. In support of our growth and excellence, diversity and inclusion are essential to building an internal culture in which everyone, regardless of gender, background and nationality, feels welcome. Since the opening of the Group’s offices in Bucharest, we have attracted qualified people who contribute to the operational functions of LSEG, technology development and data services. We are happy to have a team of different cultures and nationalities with us.”
His Excellency, Ambassador Andrew Noble LVO: “I am very happy to see that this LSEG initiative, supported by the British Embassy in Bucharest, which promotes diversity and inclusion in Romania, is addressed to young students. They have the power to bring about fundamental changes in Romanian society, so that it is open and fair to all its members. The British Embassy in Bucharest has supported over time numerous cultural and educational initiatives and projects that promote the inclusion of Roma in society, combating violence against women and promoting gender equality. These, along with other challenges, such as promoting equal rights for people with disabilities, are among the values that the United Kingdom supports both in Romania and internationally.”
Nigel Bellingham, Director of the British Council Romania: “We strongly believe in the potential of young people to create a better world and we are pleased to be part of this LSEG initiative, designed to provide students with the environment and tools to promote diversity and inclusion in their communities. This event is part of a long British Council tradition of supporting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, both through dedicated programs and by integrating these values into all of our work in Romania and around the world. From art and culture to education, we want to bring together people with diverse experiences and profiles, because we believe that when we are open and learn from others we enjoy richer experiences, which create more open and connected societies.”
LSEG supports a culture of collaboration and innovation. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are essential in this regard, as it helps to create an environment in which all opinions and ideas are listened to, allowing everyone to work more effectively together within the organization.
The event was organized virtually on January 20, 2021.

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