Madagascar consul in Romania: „Romanian Foreign Ministry knew that Madagascar was ready to extradite Radu Mazare.” FM Melescanu’s retort

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The Romanian Foreign Ministry knew that Madagascar is ready to extradite Radu Mazare, but it has not yet responded the official request to release a copy of the international arrest warrant, Serge Rameau, Madagascar honorary general consul in Bucharest told RFI during the weekend. He explained the Madagascar authorities needed that copy to extradite the former mayo of Constanta, Radu Mazare, convicted in several corruption files in Romania.

After Mr. Mazare’s arrest I was summoned by the Madagascar Foreign Minister, who asked me for explanations, for nobody understood out there who is Mr. Mazare, why he came to our country. I explained them the whole situation and he told me we have no extradition agreement with Romania. I replied to him that Romania is member of the European Union and that things must be done conveniently and in compliance with the laws. He told me that in judiciary terms he is willing to give credit where credit is due, but that he needs the copy of the international warrant arrest. Then I came back in Romania, I sent a note verbale to the Romanian Foreign Ministry and I asked for the copy of the warrant, because I didn’t want us to be accuse of obstruction. So, Romania knew Madagascar was ready to cooperate, but we needed that document. And to this day, we haven’t received an answer,” consul Rameau said.

On the other hand, Romanian Foreign minister Teodor Melescanu retorted that he had informed the authorities of Madagascar about Radu Mazare’s situation since last year and also claimed that he would have sent the Malagasy authorities the papers needed for the extradition.

I saw the statement by the honorary consul of Madagascar. The consul has not authoroties to maintain relations with that country where he is accredited. Indeed, he voiced an opinion that he would be interested in cooperating on this matter in February 2018. At that time, we sent a request to the General Inspectorate of Police asking them to give us a copy of the arrest warrant. We sent the request very quickly, we gave instructions on February 28, 2017 (…) That document was fowarded to the Romanian Embassy in Rome and after that we sent it to the Malagasy side according to the procedures of the National Interpol Bureau,” Melescanu told Antena 3 on Friday evening.

Interim Minister of Justice Ana Birchall had announced earlier on Friday that she had received the sentences from the Romanian courts in the case of former Constanta mayor Radu Mazare and has decided to initiate the extradition procedures in emergency regime.

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