Magistrate who took Sorina from foster carers to be prosecuted

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Prosecutor Maria Antoaneta Piţurcă, who took Sorina from the foster carer in Baia de Arama several weeks ago, to give her to the girl new adoptive parents, will be prosecuted, mass media reported on Wednesday evening. The Special Section for Investigating Magistrates would have started criminal prosecution against Piturca, who is working at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Craiova Court of Appeal.

The same section decided to also investigate a social worker from the Mehedinti Child Protection Authority for forgery. There are suspicions she would have forged the statement of the former foster carer who had had the girl in her care, a statement that read that she did not want to adopt Sorina.

The Judicial Inspection had asked that prosecutor Piturca to be disciplinary investigated, and suspended from office until the conclusion of the inquiry. The prosecutor was summoned at the Superior Council of Magistracy on Wednesday.

According to Digi24, Maria Piturca seemed nervous before entering hearings at CSM, denying to answer questions and displaying an inappropriate gesture against journalists.

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