Magistrates resume protests against criminal codes amendments

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Romanian magistrates are resuming protests against justice law amendments. Prosecutor Alexandra Lăncrănjan announced on Facebook that magistrates will stage a new protest on the stairs of the Palace of Justice in Bucharest today, as of 6 p.m. against the government’s intention to adopt the emergency ordinances amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.

The draft ordinance stipulates, with no justification and without the existence of a real emergency, the decriminalization of some serious offenses, the cut of the limitation periods, the cut of the minimum fraction of jail time in case of release on parole, as well as the introduction of new conditions for the preventive arrest, with the purpose of considerably hampering the activity of the judiciary bodies, and a preferential treatment for defendants,” says the prosecutor.

Alexandra Lăncrănjan is the prosecutor who is investigating the Tel Drum file, where PSD Leader Liviu Dragnea is prosecuted for several corruption deeds.

Magistrates first took to the streets in early March, in protest against the GEO 7/2019, which had been unexpectedly adopted, without previously consulting the magistrate corps and the Superior Council of Magistracy. Judges and prosecutor asked back then the observance oft he justice independence and the abolition of the special section to investigate magistrates.

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