Man dies after jumping off from the 5th floor of Nokia building in Timisoara


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A man died after he had jumped off from the fifth floor of the Nokia head office in Timisoara under the eye of policemen and firefighters who had come on the scene alerted by the man’s wife, reported.

The man, employed at Nokia, had called his wife, telling her he intends to commit suicide. His wife called 112.

The Nokia employee forced one of the office windows and threw himself into the open, not before he had sent a message to his wife. The woman was on the ground floor of the building when she received the SMS.

Policemen managed to communicate with the man, told him not to jump. Investigators said the man got off the chair twice and he returned to his office at some point. When the firefighters came with the ladder, the man jumped.

Preliminary reports revealed the man decided to kill himself amid a nervous breakdown prompted by some problems at the office. The man had been employed at Nokia for 15 years. He had two children.

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