Man dies from swine flu. It is the first case in Romania

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A man from Bucharest, aged 38, has died due to swine flu, which ravaged the country in 2008. The man had other medical problems and had not had a flu shot, according to Realitatea TV.
According to the report released on Thursday by the National Centre for the Surveillance of Infectious Diseases the man had not been vaccinated and other illnesses he had led to complications and ultimately death, reports.
In the report published by the National Institute of Public Health, 72 patients with flu were confirmed just last week countrywide. Also another 23 cases are seasonal flu.
So far 563,000 people have been vaccinated, but the Health Ministry said that more people can be vaccinated.
Last week was one of low intensity for flu activity, now it is average. Authorities announce a reason for caution and cases must be constantly monitored to avoid illness.
In the past week, 52 new cases were confirmed across the country, an alarming increase considering that 20 cases had been confirmed in these last two months.
Regarding Bucharest, 36 people were confirmed as being infected with A/H1N flu, also reports.
The most common symptoms are headaches, fatigue, severe muscle pain and fever, which in the first day can go up to 39 degrees C. Death occurs when the patient suffers from cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, which are complicated by the flu infection and thus can lead to death. Anti-flu vaccination is the surest way to keep the swine flu away, experts say.

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