Man files complaint against….Halloween to the Office of Consumers Protection

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A man from Suceava, northern Romania has filed a complaint against…Halloween at the Brasov Office of Consumers Protection, asking for the products specific to this holiday to be withdrawn from stores, as they “instigate to crime, sorcery, black magic, barbarism, Satanism” and even terrorism.

The man from Suceava also argued in his complaint that all products related to Halloween would prompt innocent children’s being mentally terrorized.

According to the OPC inspectors, the man is very annoyed that during this time of the year the stores’ shelves are full of Halloween-related stuff.

The inspectors say they are checking all complaints that have legal grounds, but they say this one is rather stirring amusement.

“In this case, the complaint is general, it’s a kind of strange. We cannot but go to check the clothes, decorations or food products related to Halloween. My colleagues have checked the Halloween toys and games, but they haven’t found out anything special,” said the head officer of the OPC Brasov, Sorin Susanu.

Halloween is an American holiday celebrated every year on October 31, which became quite popular in Romania after the 90s, with schools, clubs and even companies holding Halloween parties around this date.

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