Man from Galati dies in hospital after reporting a record blood alcohol level


A man from Galati has died in hospital on Monday from a head injury caused by a fall over a record blood alcohol level. The man from Varlezi village arrived the Galati Emergency County Hospital, with a blood alcohol level of over 6.3.

The doctors from the hospital said they have not seen such a high blood alcohol level so far.

According to Mihai Polinschi, the head of the ambulance service, the patient was 40 years old and had a head trauma. He had a cardiac arrest, was resuscitated and mechanically ventilated.

So far, I have never seen such a case in my entire experience in the county. We used to have other cases of blood alcohol level of 4 or 5, but we have never seen 6.3,” the ambulance doctor said.

First information revealed that the man would have been drinking alcohol all through the day of Sunday and he had probably lost balance and fallen down.

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