Man from Neamț performed a C-section on his wife at home, with a scalpel bought online

This comes after another case where a 42yo woman from Piatra Neamt died after she gave birth at home assisted by midwife kinown on Facebook.


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A woman from Neamț County gave birth at home by caesarean section, assisted by her husband and mother-in-law. The family would have used utensils ordered from the Internet.

The woman and her husband worked as nurses abroad. Caesarean section at home is an intervention considered illegal in Romania, due to the risks that this operation entails for both the mother and the child.

After the C-section, the woman suffered a massive bleeding. The husband called 112, and an ambulance came to the scene.

The woman and the baby were taken to hospital, where both are in stable condition. The woman was on her fifth birthday. The baby born now weighs 4.7 kg.

Doctor Radu Țincu told Digi24 that this case from Neamț is “hallucinating”, and the gesture “is absolutely reprehensible.” “There are Nordic countries where natural birth at home is encouraged, but there the health system provides the infrastructure for them to be in optimal conditions. The fact that a woman asks for help from a so-called midwife on the Internet does not guarantee that person’s medical training.” said the doctor.

The risk of an operation at home is related to the fact that the environment is not sterile and infections can occur. “A scalpel can be used easily, but the risks after the incision increase a lot, at home you don’t have a neonatology ward, and a lot of children born by caesarean section need medical assistance in intensive care”, said doctor Țincu. He added that some of the bleeding that can occur can be fatal within minutes if vital tissue is severed.

This case comes a few days after a 42-year-old woman from Piatra Neamț, who decided to give birth at home, assisted by a midwife she found on Facebook, died after suffering a heavy hemorrhage.

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