Man sets himself on fire in protest against the Government


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A man has set himself on fire on Tuesday in front of the Romanian Government in Bucharest, in protest, subsequently he was transported to the Elias Hospital, officials with the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Bucharest-Ilfov have said.

According to the source, the incident was reported Tuesday, shortly after 15:00h and had occurred on the sidewalk in front of Victoria Palace in Bucharest.

A man aged 66 tried to set himself on fire, but his clothes were put out of fire immediately by the gendarmes present in the area of the government building, according to the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Bucharest-Ilfov.

A SMURD ambulance arrived at the site and the person was transported to the Elias Hospital, “without having injuries as a result of attempted self set on fire”, the sources said.


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