MApN restricted flights in the airspace of northern Dobrogea, on the border with Ukraine


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The airspace in northern Dobrogea was closed. The decision was taken by the Ministry of National Defense and covers an area of ​​30 kilometers.

“Starting from Wednesday, September 13, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure together with the Ministry of National Defense, as responsible for the management of the national airspace, imposed additional flight restrictions in the airspace bordering the border with Ukraine in the northern area of ​​Dobrogea, between Sulina and Galați, at a depth of 20-30 km inside the national airspace, up to a height of 4,000 m”, reports MApN.

The notification regarding the addition of flight restrictions – type NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was sent through the official communication channels by the competent civil and military aeronautical authorities. No manned or unmanned aircraft are allowed to fly in these restricted areas, except for state aircraft (including SMURD and emergency aircraft).”

MApN spokesperson, Constantin Spinu said the flights had been however restricted in the airspace bordering Ukraine since May last year, but only between certain coordinates.

“Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, flight restrictions have been imposed in the airspace bordering the entire border with Ukraine, from May 2022. There were the following limits – a depth of 8 km in the national airspace, and up to a height of 1,000 of meters. So the space was restricted only between these coordinates. After the intensification of Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports, measures were necessary to extend these restrictions, to ensure a capacity to monitor and control the use of airspace, as effectively as possible.

That is why, as of yesterday, the Ministry of Transport together with the Ministry of National Defense as responsible for airspace management, sent a notification regarding the addition of flight restrictions, i.e. on top of those that already existed, to the competent civil and military aeronautical authorities, i.e. raising the height at 4,000 meters and a depth of 20 to 30 kilometers inside national airspace, depending on the actual configuration of the border. This area is notified by very precise coordinates to all airspace users. Piloted or unmanned aircraft are not allowed to fly in this area, with the exception of state aircraft, including SMURD, and aircraft in emergency situations, and, very importantly, the flight of civil aircraft in the control area of ​​Tulcea aerodrome is not affected by this restriction . If there is an unauthorized flight in this area, for other non-state aircraft, including SMURD and aircraft in emergency situations, we will apply the procedures that are in force, those of the air police, which is a combat service permanent, said the MApN spokesperson, Constantin Spinu.

Romania’s decision comes after drone fragments have been found in the past week in some localities from northern Dobrogea, near the border with Ukrainian ports if Izmail and Reni, heavily attacked by the Russians.

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