March downtown Bucharest asking for the Romania-R. Moldova union. Meetings with Romanian party leaders

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Domestic political dispute on the unionist protest.

Several hundred persons asked for the union between Romania and Republic of Moldovans in Bucharest on Saturday, also calling on the politicians to assume the union as a country project. Mediafax reported that about 2,000 people attended the protest.

Tens of protesters spent the night in the tents locate din the Universitate Square in the Romanian capital, calling on all Romanians to join their action. Protesters are to meet the leaders of the political parties in Bucharest on Sunday.

“We request the Prime Minister and the chairmen of the parties that will run in the electoral elections to assume national union through a statement of the Legislative in the next session, and assume the project of reunification as a country project, with all further steps: energy interconnection, monetary union, common media space,” said George Simion, chairman of the Actiunea 2012 Unionist Platform, which organized the protest.

“We want to send a clear message: That we do not have patience anymore! The Prime Minister and the political parties see the matter of reunification as something for future generations. We want our generation to accomplish the union. It is the last chance for our brothers across the Prut [River],” George Simion added.

However, four protesters were fined following several incidents at the Saturday’s march. The Bucharest Gendarmerie reported that a group of 5 to 10 people tried to enter Victoriei Square, forcing the gendarme cordon. Five people have been taken to the police sections, with four of them receiving a fine of RON 3,000 each.

The Gendarmerie said that it had acted legally and no tear gas has been used.

In retort, Interior minister Dragos Tudorache asked the general inspector of the Romanian Gendarmerie to present a full report of the events in Victoriei Square. “The minister says he won’t hesitate to take actions if abuses are proven during the gendarmes’ intervention. The gendarmes have been ordered to not intervene during the street protest in Universitate Square but only to provide the protesters’ protection and to direct the traffic in the area”, reads a press release by the Interior Ministry.

Firea-Gorghiu row

The unionists’ street protest inflamed the Romanian politicians. The Liberal chairwoman Alina Gorghiu accused the Bucharest City Hall that it hadn’t allowed the peaceful protest, while Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea retorted that the municipality is not responsible for what happened during the manifestation.

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