Mario Iorgulescu transferred to a hospital abroad despite Romanian doctors’ recommendations


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Mario Iorgulescu, the son of former former Professional Football League (LPF) president Gino Iorgulescu, has been transferred to a hospital abroad, despite the Romanian doctors’ recommendations. Mario Iorgulescu was admitted in serious condition to Elias Hospital in Bucharest several weeks ago following a car crash he committed and that resulted in the death of another young man.

Doctors from the Elias Hospital have announced on Monday that Mario Iorgulescu had been discharged from hospital upon his family’s request and transferred to another medical unit abroad.

“At the express request of the family and contrary to the medical recommendations, the patient Mario Iorgulescu has left Elias Hospital this morning in the view of continuing a treatment in another country in the EU”, says the hospitals’ press release, without mentioning in which country. It is believed he had been moved to a hospital in Italy.

As a matter of fact, Mario’s family tried to transfer him from Elias to a clinic in Italy on Friday, but the transfer failed at that time.

Physicians also said that they had informed the authorized institutions about the transfer, most probably meaning the prosecutors, considering the criminal record on Iorgulescu’s name. However, the case prosecutor confirmed he had been informed about the transfer, but only after it had been done.

Sources within the investigation said that the prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office upon Bucharest Tribunal had come to the hospital to hear Mario Iorgulescu since Thursday and to prosecute him, but doctors had opposed, arguing the patient’s condition did not allow that.

 So, Mario Iorgulescu was free to leave Romania, as there was no preventive measure against him.

Despite the Romanian doctors’ advice, Iorgulescu family argued that Mario has more chances of recovery outside Romania and signed an affidavit for the transfer, which was operated by a private medevac.

Two weeks ago, Mario Iorgulescu was admitted to the intensive care unit at Elias Hospital with severe injuries following a serious car accident. Coroners confirmed that Mario Iorgulescu, son of former Professional Football League (LPF) president Gino Iorgulescu, was on drugs when he caused the car accident that claimed the life of a young man.

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