Maroon 5 write to Romanian President, PM to express support against illegal logging

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Before performing in Bucharest’s Constitution Square on June 5, members of US rock group Maroon 5 sent a letter to Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis, offering their support for Romania in its fight against illegal logging. The letter also addresses Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș (wrongly named in the letter Julien Cioloș) and Environment Minister Cristiana Pașca Palmer.

Romania shelters some of Europe’s last remaining ancient forests, which the musicians call a “natural wealth unique on the continent.”

Dear Mr. President,

We are honored to have the opportunity to visit your beautiful country and to perform in the magnificent Constitution Square at the heart of Bucharest.

Romania is a rich and diverse country that has so much to offer, including its beautiful mountains and precious old growth forests; a natural wealth unique on the continent,” the members of Maroon 5 begin their letter.

In the letter, keyboardist and guitarist Jesse Carmichael and guitarist James Valentine describe their commitment to supporting efforts to counter illegal logging around the world. In collaboration with U.S. NGOs the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Reverb, the two Maroon 5 members recently released a short film about their experiences supporting sustainable community forestry in Guatemala entitled Instruments of Change: Lessons from the Rainforest. The musicians write, “With this video, we intend to spread a message of caution and hope, to shine a light on the serious threats facing forests globally and inspire change.”

We understand that Romania’s forests are significantly threatened by illegal logging. We wish to express our support for Romania as you work to create a long-term model that encourages sustainable forest management, deters illegal practices, and protects the nation’s internationally renowned national parks, for the benefit of the Romanian people for generations to come,” the members of the renowned rock band conclude.

The letter was shared by social media and received thousands of positive comments from Romanians who praised the musicians for their support on social media sites. EIA’s forest campaign is dedicated to ending illegal logging worldwide, and has particularly focused on the Romanian forests. Reverb, led by Guster frontman Adam Gardner and Lauren Sullivan, seeks to promote environmentally-friendly music tours and ethical sourcing of wood for musical instruments.

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