“Mărțișor Train” on the move to Constanța

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The “Mărțișor Train” comprising the first railcars modernized this year left from the North Station in Bucharest to Constanța on Tuesday morning. The HORA engine is promoting tradition and Romanian symbols.

The railway employees offered ‘mărțișoare” to all ladies travelling by train in Bucharest and in other locations.

The “Mărțișor Train” is made of the first modernized railcars that left the factory early this year.

CFR Călători general manager Iosif Szentes told Agerpres that the company intends to update 30 such railcars with funds amounting to RON 42 M available in the investment plan. According to him, the railcars are equipped with air-conditioning and information systems, providing travellers with increased comfort standards.

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