Massive cyber attacks against Romanian financial institutions during June-August, SRI says


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The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has technical information and figures confirming that massive cyber attacks have taken place against financial institutions in Romania during June-August this year, a release from the intelligence service informs.

SRI says ‘the hackers make use of several attack tools, including from the Cobalt Strike arsenal, which are associated with the cyber crime group in the East.’

SRI also states that it has helped several financial institutions to fight the cyber attacks, reports.

“The analysis conducted by Cyberint national centre (CNC) says that one of the methods used by the hackers is to extract amounts of money by eliminating the withdrawal limits set for banking accounts. CNC has monitored for a long time the activity conducted by the Cobalt group.

Thousands cyber attacks target daily the institutions, entities and persons in the cyber space, whereas the cyber attacks on the financial institutions have grown during the past years. The attackers use Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) methods in order to get access to the information system and consequently find methods to capitalize on the acceded information,” the SRI release reads.

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